About Us

Booked100 is an online scheduling service that allows your clients/customers/patients to schedule their appointments themselves – online, anytime, in real-time. We like to say that we are the "online appointment scheduler that gets you booked™".

How It All Began

Booked100 got started by a doctor and an IT veteran who, over many years in practice and business, realized that business in fact can be lost simply because clients, customers, or patients are often unable to schedule appointments at the time when it is actually convenient for them.

Think about it! Just like you (the business owner), your clients may be very busy or unavailable. For some people, it is hard to call your office during the business hours; others can not receive phone calls at work. They can get frustrated with having to play phone tag. Your clients may be driving, or not have their schedules handy when your secretary calls them back. Have you ever had to waste your professional time or resources trying to reach your clients, talking to their voicemails, or spending 10 minutes on the phone while they figure out what their schedule is? We certainly have.

What We Do

At booked100, our vision is to make appointment scheduling process so easy and convenient that it would no longer be a "bottleneck" for acquiring new and retaining existing business. We believe that convenience is one of the most important elements for any successful business.

Helping you get 100% booked is our goal. Many companies and organization have already discovered how booked100 can bring them more business, reduce costs, and eliminate stress associated with scheduling appointments. Can we help you? Please let us know.